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We select companies that distribute globally under their own brand.


Private Label

In the contact section you can send your application through the appropriate form. We will be happy to evaluate with you the possibility to produce even new formulas and new foods.


we are able to respond to any production need in the sector by offering specific advice in order to design new, customized and exclusive formulations for small and large companies in the sector, interested in launching and distributing new brands.

Features ?
  • Target
    Our production facilities are currently able to respond to a very wide target of distribution companies.
  • Production Capacity
    In the food sector, production capacity is fundamental. We are able to respond promptly to any need. Strengths: extended range and versatility.
  • Flexibility
    We adapt with a great flexibility to the requests generated by the market, which can sometimes be sudden, technically high and innovative from a scientific point of view.

For Toll Manufacturing – Private Label.

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For Toll Manufacturing or Laboratory: scientific informations and customized production requests.
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