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Through our production facility
We produce different lines:
“High protein bars”
“Energy bars”
“Lines dedicated to functional food”
“Biological line”

Productive Principles

In the face of technological evolution, we have kept our basic production principles unchanged:
Artisan experience and .. Absolute naturalness of the product.


Our production and storage plants, located in isolated and conditioned environments, guarantee the right conservation both in the processing phases and in the storage of finished products.

What do we do?
  • Innovative Food
    in its characteristics, different from the traditional productions of our region, PUGLIA, of which it retains the simplicity and naturalness of the ingredients.
  • Very High Quality
    We choose for YOU the best raw materials, expertly mixed with pure chocolate, real pieces of fruit, dried fruit, cereals, proteins, without palm oil and with cocoa and cocoa butter among the noblest …
  • One in a kind
    Our bar is the only one to be crunchy and, at the same time, top quality, rich in noble proteins, those of whey, pleasant to taste.


All the bars produced by Falco make use of the confectionery experience of master chocolate makers, as well as the scientific expertise and experience of doctors, biotechnologists, and the Universities of Foggia, Bari and Bologna who initially worked on experimenting with an innovative product.

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