1. Mr Antonio Falco, how was your company born?

Falco was founded in 2007 on an entrepreneurial idea aimed at expressing the tradition of my territory, as well as a great personal experience in the food sector and the need for innovation to give substance to a product of excellence.
The Apulian diet has always been based on simple products, traditionally linked to agriculture and pastoralism. The happy geographical position of Puglia allowed that this tradition was always influenced and enriched by news coming from
intense merchandise and cultural exchanges with other countries becoming bright window up other sales markets with new requests and needs. Hence the idea of producing
an innovative food in its characteristics, different from traditional regional products, of which it retains the simplicity and naturalness of the ingredients.

  1. What is the target market?

Our market focuses on a very careful consumer profile, who pays attention to quality, functionality and practicality of the food products used. A consumer professionally engaged, a sportsman interested in his psychophysical wellbeing, that enhances the ingredients and the nutritional balance of food products, who lets himself be advised by nutritionists and specialized staff and regularly attends specialized and organic shops, pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalists for the purchase of foodstuffs.

  1. What are your product lines?

Our production plant produces four different lines: high protein content bars, energy bars, lines dedicated to functional food containing particular ingredients with beneficial properties for our body and the biological line.

  1. What are your brands?

PROLIVE in its nella protein, oxyfree and bio varieties. VIS in its protein supercrunch variety and energy.

  1. Where are you currently present?

We are established in Italy with the PROLIVE brand thanks to a capillary network of distribution and agents in the pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalist groups. For about one year PROLIVE has been present abroad in Switzerland, Romania, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Do you also produce in “Private Label”?

Yes, we selected among the various groups that requested a production of their own brand two known companies that distribute worldwide.

  1. What are your future plans?

Firstly we want to consolidate the national market and accelerate the process of internationalization already started, investing in marketing and communication through the work of young experts in the sector. At the production level, we plan to launch into the market a lot of products intended for consumers with food intolerances, which provide investments in research and development in collaboration with national universities and
on new “in house” production technologies.

  1. According to you, what’s the secret of your success?

I always thought that the realization of a project, beyond the result material, is a source of satisfaction and personal serenity. This belief allowed me to found the company and to face with patience, perseverance and tenacity all the innumerable initial difficulties in almost total solitude, which I consider the common denominator of all the young entrepreneurs who, in this precise moment in history, try to put into practice an innovative idea. I have committed myself, making many mistakes that I consider formative, surrounding myself with capable and serious collaborators, who embraced my project and above all have been motivated in their desire to grow with me. The fuel of this team is given by the enthusiasm of the results that have been achieved and by the construction of our method of continuous planning that I am sure will allow us to face and win new challenges and ever higher goals.
I take this opportunity to thank all those who have blocked the road because they have been an incentive to the challenge and source of teaching and those who believed in me and currently accompany me: they will always have a priority place in my history.

  1. ..and the secret of your product?

Simplicity, naturalness, high quality of the raw materials used and the excellent taste, through which the consumer perceives the extreme care and passion infused by the formulation up to the final production.

Thank you,

Antonio Falco