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Falco is a leading company in the production and marketing of nutritional bars for wellness and sport.


The company reality is based on a consolidated experience and strong artisan know-how supported by scientific skills aimed at product innovation..

Key points of our success
The standardization of the bio-technological production process, combined with the care and selection of the best raw materials in the world, allow to obtain UNIQUE and EXCELLED products which are absolutely INNOVATIVE, with strong organoleptic properties.

Creativity Technology Innovation
  • Food Production
    We are a food production company positioned in the wellness and sports sector.
  • Nutritional Bars
    We produce a healthy, innovative, practical, protein, crunchy, tasty and natural food, for every day, with raw materials of the highest quality.
  • Advanced Nutrition
    Today health, nutrition and fitness are interconnected worlds in a new vision of well-being. This is the reason at Falco.
    We produce only the best.

We have the ability to respond promptly to the needs of the market in continuous and constant evolution.

Simplicity, naturalness, high quality of the raw materials used and the excellent taste through which the consumer can perceive the extreme care and passion infused from the formulation up to the final production

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Antonio Falco CEO

Falco production consists of different types of products, high protein foods which are complete in macro nutrients suitable for athletes and used in hyper protein diets, ideal for their convenience of use and the light line rich of cereals and then high-quality natural energy carbohydrates that can be used as a snack in food programs.

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Dott.ssa Cinzia T. Falco Laboratories

Many people often ask me:
what is the function of using the Falco Food bars? Who should consume them?
I answer: it is really indefinite, in the sense that they are suitable for athletes (VIS PROTEIN line), for students who burn a lot of physical and mental energies and want to have a snack (PROLIVE OXYFREE), those who for work or other reason are forced to skip a meal (PROLIVE), for entire families … mothers attentive to natural food (PROLIVE BIO), or simply lovers of healthy and balanced eating (BIO BAR). But I could give you many further examples…

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Valeria Cantatore Marketing Office

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